Fragrant, natural, healthy products from powerful botanicals
deliver the season’s nude look

From celebs, to beauty editors to makeup artists to models on the runway, the approach is “less is more”, meaning more natural skincare and less makeup to achieve the healthy, beautiful glowing skin look in tune with the new season.

The Nude Look: from celebs, to beauty editors to makeup artists to models on the runway, the approach is “less is more”, meaning more natural skincare and less makeup to achieve the healthy, beautiful glowing skin look in tune with the new season.

Makeup by @samanta_falcone_ using Dr Jackson’s Natural Skincare

This stripped-back approach applies to how you use the products, too. Think of the Dr Jackson’s range as a capsule collection for your bathroom cabinet, as well as the “add to bag” travel sizes, that you want to carry with you everywhere you go, whether it’s out for a walk, videoconferencing or just home pampering. We all need less stuff in our lives.

You might have noticed that each of our skincare products is numbered, from 01 to 07. This is because they were developed by our founder, Dr Jackson, to work in harmony as part of a simple yet effective 6-step routine. Originally formulated to reverse the signs of ageing, the nourishing and resurfacing properties of our natural ingredients mean that they’re also perfectly suited to combatting other skin complaints, from eczema and psoriasis to acne, as clinical trials and customer testimonials confirm.

Here are the products we recommend in your daily beauty routine over the next few months to achieve that natural glow:
Begin with our 07 cleanser to give your skin a fresh start, followed by products 06-03 to condition, tighten and tone, and finish with either the 01 or 02 moisturisers to hydrate and protect or replenish, depending on the time of day.

We hope this guide to using the Dr Jackson’s range will take the stress out of your daily beauty regime, helping you on your way to nourished, rejuvenated skin in no time at all.

Step 1: Cleanse and exfoliate with the 07 Face Wash
Splash the face with clean water and pump 07 Face Wash onto the fingertips. We recommend using more for oily skin, less for dry skin. Massage into the skin to clarify, revitalise and gently exfoliate; the 07 has been formulated to buff away impurities, without stripping away your skin’s natural moisture. Enjoy the 07’s soft, foaming texture and uplifting citrus scent morning and night.
Star ingredients: Kigelia, mandarin, lemon, baobab, pomegranate and chamomile

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Step 2: Tighten and retexturise with the 06 Body Perfecting Gel
After showering, apply the 06 Body Perfecting Gel to the palms of your hands and work into the skin all over the body. Perfect for cooling tired muscles post-yoga or gym, this exhilarating gel visibly tightens and firms skin, giving it a silky, lustrous feel. Fragrant patchouli acts as a wonderful base scent for your perfume or cologne.
Star ingredients: Baobab, kigelia, sea buckthorn, bitter orange flower, patchouli

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Step 3: Refresh and rejuvenate with the 05 Face and Eye Essence
In between cleansing and moisturising, refresh tired skin with the 05 Face and Eye Essence, using light, dabbing motions on the face and around the eye area. Rich in vitamin C, the 05 nourishes and tightens skin, giving it a healthy, youthful glow. A true miracle worker if your skin is suffering from jet lag, overexposure or a hangover!
Star ingredients: Baobab, kigelia, Damask rose, aloe leaf, chamomile

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Step 4: Rehydrate and soften with the 04 Coconut Melt
Th04 Coconut Melt is your secret weapon for parched skin that needs an extra moisture boost: smooth onto dry areas such as lips, elbows and cuticles for an immediate soothing and hydrating effect. You can also use this ‘everything’ balm as an all-over body moisturiser, to condition split ends and facial hair, as an illuminating highlighter for the cheekbones, or even as a natural adhesive for glitter-worthy occasions.
 Star ingredient: 100% organic coconut oil

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Step 5: Nourish and clarify with the 03 Everyday Oil
Prime and tone skin before your final moisturiser with this all-natural, nourishing elixir. Add a few drops of th03 Everyday Oil to your fingertips and massage into the face for a smooth, dewy complexion. Banish the myth that oils trigger problem skin; the natural ingredients in our 04 Everyday Oil have been especially chosen for their ability to clear imperfections, target dry areas and even out skin tone. The soothing benefits of calendula and arnica are also perfect for softening skin and beards post-shave.
Star ingredients: Baobab, marula, shea, calendula flower, arnica flower
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Step 6: 
Moisturise and protect with the 01 Day Cream / 01 Day Cream SPF30 
In the morning, finish with the 01 Day Cream to keep face and body hydrated throughout the day. Combining intensely moisturising properties with a lightweight texture, the 01 Day Cream creates an impossibly soft, regenerated skin surface - the perfect base for makeup. To shield the skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays, choose the 01 Day Cream with SPF30; the same hydration, added protection, but without the chalky, greasy finish we see from most SPFs.

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Enrich and replenish with the 02 Night Cream
In the evening, treat your skin to a large dose of hydration and nourishment with the luxurious 02 Night Cream. Make a ritual out of massaging slowly and carefully into the skin, while you inhale the relaxing aroma. Expect to sleep easier and wake up the following morning with a renewed skin surface, a radiant glow, and a calm state of mind.

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Since beauty comes from within, we’ve also created a range of delicious herbal teas to help you maintain a healthy balance in mind and body. Use our Expedition Tea for a caffeine-free energy boost, our Detox Tea to cleanse and purify following a period of indulgence, or our Relax Tea for a stress-free day at the office or for a peaceful night’s sleep.
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With recent beauty industry reports confirming that consumer habits are shifting and there is a preference for customers to invest in natural skincare cosmetics rather than makeup - call it the “clean beauty” effect; it all responds to the consumer’s interest in health, wellness and sustainability, what Dr Jackson’s it’s all about.

How do you use Dr Jackson’s?  Join the Dr Jackson’s Family on Instagram @drjacksonuk and tell us your skincare secrets.
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