From departures to arrivals, dreary home weather to tropical climes, which products promise most bang for their buck when the dreaded baggage restrictions force us to seriously re-think our packing tactics? 


When space is tight and restrictions are, well, restrictions, it’s essential that packing is executed like a professional. With no nonsense dimensions to work with, it’s time to get creative. Hat? check; swimsuit? check; sunglasses? check; book? check; beauty products... where do we begin?
Here’s a selection of Dr Jackson’s key beauty essentials for travelling light and travelling well:
  1. 01 Day Cream– this multi-purpose, light day cream provides an essential SPF 20 for all climates. Available in a travel friendly 30mL jar, this luxury product is a no-brainer for ensuring that your skin is hydrated in-flight, and protected from the sun whilst exploring. 
  1. 03 Everyday Oil 10mL– compact yet clever, this small roll-on bottle packs a serious punch. For use on cuticles, dry spots, sunburn, troubled skin, and even for taming a beard… you name it, it does it. When space is limited, there’s hardly a product which promises to take up such little space but solve so much. This one’s a must. 
  1. 04 Coconut Melt 15mL– In a travel-friendly size, this everything balm not only solves a multitude of skin woes, but does so in a very modest manner. Small but incredibly mighty – what’s not to love? Make sure to keep it in a cool place - coconut oil liquifies in hot conditions. 
Happy packing!
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