From July 22nd to August 22nd you can experience Dr Jackson’s soothing and rejuvenating treatments on your skin, delivered by the team of experts therapists at the Agua Spa inside the iconic Sea Containers Hotel on London’s South Bank.

The combined treatment will consist of a 30-minute back massage targeting knots around the shoulders and lower back using Dr Jackson’s 03 Everyday Oil, a lightweight blend of natural oils containing baobab seed oil, calendula and arnica extracts that deeply nourish and calm the skin; to finish the treatment, the soothing 06 Body Toning Essence, with hydrating aloe and a fragrant aroma of patchouli will perfectly seal the skin.

Following this, a 30-minute facial starts with the application of exotic 04 Coconut Melt to remove makeup and dissolve impurities from the top layers of your skin, a second step for deeper cleansing using sulphate-free 07 Face Wash will gently exfoliate and prepare the skin for the 05 Face and Eye Essence, a toner that will hydrate and prepare the skin for the massage. 03 Everyday Oil will be applied and massaged onto your skin, followed by a deeply nourishing and regenerating Day or Night moisturiser according to your skin type.

Dr Jackson’s treatments, created in collaboration with the team of therapists at Agua Spa are perfect for those with sensitive skin. Our formulations are developed using the best of nature to deliver efficacy while being kind to your skin and the planet.

Your healthy skin and well-being are always our top priority.

DR JACKSON’S at Agua Spa – Sea Containers Hotel, London.

July 22nd - August 22nd, 2023

Monday - Friday 11:15  - 19:30

Saturday - Sunday 10:45  - 17:15

Price: £125 (1 hour)

For bookings or if you require further information, email us: or call the Agua Spa on +44 203 747 1014

Relax at the Agua Spa

Post your facial and massage session, keep your “Me-Time” going and continue to relax while sipping a cup of Dr Jackson’s Expedition, Detox or Relax Tea. Our range of organic and caffeine-free herbal teas have been developed each with its own physiological function to make you feel great.

Expedition Tea: An invigorating, replenishing and nutrient-rich herbal tea, this award-winning tea blend, served over ice is the perfect refreshing drink to keep you going throughout the day. The mineral and electrolytes-rich rooibos focusses the mind and eases any tension while the Baobab rich in flavonoid antioxidants, provides a natural boost of energy.

Detox Tea: A purifying, restoring and caffeine-free tea blend with herbs known to aid cleansing and give your body a renewed sense of wellbeingThis cleansing and purifying herbal tea’s active ingredients include stomach-soothing fennel seeds and digestive-restoring cardamom pod to rebalance your body.

Relax Tea: This calming organic herbal tea blend brings that feeling of ease and tranquilly into your life. The caffeine-free route to a great night's sleep. Packed with restoring peppermint and calming valerian root, this is the perfect companion for pre-match nerves and to avoid any sense of stress.

Discover Dr Jackson’s full collection.


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