Purify & Repair
Purify & Repair

Purify & Repair

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Purify & Repair is the ideal duo to promote detoxifying revitalisation. Purify from within with our Detox Tea, and moisturise and rejuvenate your skin with our 06 Body Perfecting Gel.

Detox Tea (Loose)

An organic blend of purifying ingredients to refresh and restore the body following a period of indulgence.

Formulated to cleanse and purge your toxins, Dr Jackson’s Detox Tea is blended using 100% natural ingredients to refresh and restore your system. This organic mix cleanses and purifies, aids with digestion and gives your body a renewed sense of wellbeing.

06 Body Perfecting Gel 200mL

This exhilarating gel is rich in antioxidants to moisturise, revitalise and retexturise the skin. The 06 Body Perfecting Gel is a light yet decadent formula that absorbs quickly and tightens and firms skin all over the body, giving it a silky and lustrous feel. Ideal for use post-workout or post-yoga. The restorative aroma of patchouli acts as a soft base for your perfume or cologne.