Hydrate Inside-Out
Hydrate Inside-Out

Hydrate Inside-Out

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Hydrate Inside-Out is the perfect duo to hydrate and rejuvenate: Expedition Tea to rejuvenate and revitalise and Baobab & Rose Oil for its moisturising and calming properties.

Expedition Tea (Loose)

An organic blend of rejuvenating and revitalising ingredients for a caffeine-free wake-up call.

Developed as an alternative to coffee, Dr Jackson’s Expedition Tea is packed full of natural ingredients high in antioxidants and minerals, essential for keeping hydrated, while maintaining balance and stamina during long expeditions to exotic destinations or just long days in the office. Containing baobab funicles – a “superfood” ingredient rich in flavonoid antioxidants, immune-boosting rooibos and honeybush leaves, as well as sweet and soothing liquorice root, this unique blend has a refreshing, vibrant taste that keeps you going on your journey.

Baobab & Rose Oil 10mL

This 100% natural oil blend is a deeply moisturising formula, with a calming fragrance to help you unwind. The Baobab & Rose Oil combines baobab oil to nourish and soften the skin with prized Damask rose oil, long valued for its relaxing aroma.