Everyday Mini Set

Everyday Mini Set

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The Everyday Mini Set is the ultimate combination for nourished, radiant and glowing skin on-the-go: 03 Everyday Oil, for moisturising everyday and everywhere, and 04 Coconut Melt, a nutrient-rich, multi-purpose balm.

03 Everyday Oil 10mL

This all-natural oil blend is wonderfully versatile with a myriad of powers - from moisturising the face and body, conditioning hair and cuticles, to rehydrating skin after shaving. Perfect for everyday use and ideal for problem skin, the 03 Everyday Oil is a nourishing elixir containing baobab seed oil, marula seed oil, calendula flower extract and arnica flower extract. Use EVERYDAY and everywhere: on your face, lips, nails and cuticles, hair, stretchmarks or scars. Keep it in your purse or pocket to use on breakouts, after shaving, after the beach, on the ski slopes, on the plane – anywhere your skin needs nourishment and healing.

04 Coconut Melt 15mL

This ‘everything’ balm contains 100% certified organic, British Pharmacopoeia grade*, unrefined coconut oil. Nutrient-rich coconut oil has a long history of use in the tropics, where it is treasured for its rehydrating, softening and elasticising properties. Dr Jackson’s Coconut Melt is 100% natural and ideal for moisturising lips, skin and cuticles, smoothing the appearance of fine lines, illuminating the complexion, conditioning the hair and removing makeup. Suitable for use on a baby’s tender skin.

*British Pharmacopoeia grade indicates that this ingredient has been tested and confirmed to have bioactive components valued for their health benefits.